Choosing the Best Forex Broker

An online forex broker allows traders to speculate on currency prices. Selecting an ideal forex broker is key – those regulated and providing multiple trading services should be top candidates.

XTB provides access to an expansive range of financial markets, including Forex, shares, indices, metals and cryptocurrencies. Based in the UK and regulated by both FCA and KNF in Poland.



Leverage can be an invaluable asset in expanding the size of your trades. Leveraging allows you to control larger positions with lesser capital and magnifies profits or losses; however, using leverage may increase risk. Therefore, use with caution.

Alpari offers some of the highest leverage available and is well-recognized among Forex traders. Their company is well capitalized and highly visible through sponsoring sports events, races and other occasions; plus they provide trading markets covering currency pairs as well as cryptocurrency pairs.

TD Ameritrade is an excellent broker offering high leverage and access to an expansive selection of markets. Their award-winning thinkorswim trading platform and extensive selection of CFD products make TD Ameritrade an attractive option for forex traders, in addition to commodities and indices CFDs.


When selecting a broker, the size of a forex spread should be taken into consideration as one of the primary criteria. A spread is an added cost to currency transactions that may hinder trading profits – typically measured in pip size units (pips).

An increase in bid-ask spread can cost traders when purchasing and receiving less when selling, especially if the market is highly volatile.

Some brokers provide raw spreads as an accessible and transparent method to calculate trading costs. These spreads do not include broker commission, but may contain a base fee in some form; for instance IC Markets’ raw spreads come without commission and low latency execution; additionally it’s regulated by CySEC, ASIC, SCB and FSA Seychelles and provides access to over 200 tradable instruments, including Forex, Indices Cryptos Commodities Stocks

Trading platforms

The top forex brokers provide user-friendly platforms with real-time news and market analysis as well as advanced technical tools, low cost spreads, zero commissions and an extensive array of investment choices – many allowing you to practice strategies before committing real cash.

Trading platform accessibility and transparency are essential qualities when selecting a broker, along with fast execution speeds and quality. When making this choice, make sure they comply with regulatory standards; being regulated is an indicator of professionalism, safety and transparency.

XTB offers US retail investors an enticing trading platform with ultra-low FX spread costs and up to 10-fold CFD profit leverages, along with low minimum deposits requirements, fee-free bank wire payouts, and free mobile trading apps – as well as exceptional education and customer support services.

Customer service

Forex traders are intelligent individuals with an acute understanding of global economic trends and technological developments. They understand the potential of social media networks like Facebook for providing great customer support; as a result, any reliable forex broker should make customer support an absolute top priority so as to retain loyal clients.

Check if the broker is licensed by an recognized regulatory body to protect your funds in case of default. Usually this information can be found on their website but if it’s missing just ask!

Reviewing brokers is also beneficial, though bear in mind that reviews written even six months ago may no longer hold much weight as brokers improve their platforms and implement changes to trading terms and conditions on an ongoing basis. Some even pay for positive reviews!

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