How to Save Money on Car Insurance

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The commercials all say the same thing: save money by switching to Geico, Progressive or AllState. But which insurance company really saves you money? The only way to find out is to compare quotes. Websites like BankRate, NetQuote and InsWeb all offer the option to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies at the same time. It saves lots of time because you don’t have to fill out each individual form requiring details of personal information such as every accident and ticket you accumulated in the past three years.

Many insurance companies offer a multitude of discounts. Progressive offers a safe driver discount, and Geico offers a discount for staying with them. There are also discounts for good students and for safety devices fitted such as an anti-theft alarm. Auto insurance companies also offer multiple policy discounts and multiple car discounts.

Adding another car to your policy surprisingly doesn’t increase the bill by very much, and the older the car is, the cheaper the policy. It is also a good idea to insure your car, house, and life all from the same carrier or to insure all drivers in the household under the same policy. Take advantage of each discount you are eligible for. This could make a difference of up to $50 monthly.

Drive Safely
Not only does being a safe driver reward you with a discount, but it also saves money on traffic tickets and could save your life. That parking ticket you acquired on Saturday night when you thought the meter reader was off duty just cost you two points on your license. You can go to court and attempt to get the points dropped, but a good lawyer costs even more than a small insurance increase. It’s better to just fork over your spare change to the meter.

Also, there is a reason for speed limits. While everybody else is driving 80 mph on the highway, there are police cars on the side of the road waiting for you to go at 90 mph. Don’t push it. The faster you drive, the more expensive your speeding ticket is. Speeding tickets add a hefty amount of points to your driver’s license. If you acquire a certain amount of points, it may be hard to find any insurance company to accept you, let alone give you a cheap insurance quote and you’ll end up contacting and selling your precious car instead!

Another factor that can affect your wallet is avoiding accidents. Many accidents happen as a result of speeding but can also occur from driving under the influence or from being on the telephone or from extreme weather conditions. Driving through a storm is incredibly difficult. Make sure your wiper blades are functioning properly and turn your high beams on. The recommended stopping distance increases when it rains, so be sure to drive slower and press on the brakes sooner. If you are located in regions that get a lot of snow, buy snow tires. Getting in accidents in which it was your fault will greatly increase your car insurance bill and you could even be sued.

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