A Forex Investors Guide

Dylantha is a full time Forex investor with a strong desire to help other traders get rich from Forex Trading. She started trading Forex when it was $5.00 per unit and she has lost twice that amount. She does not believe in Forex Autopilot or any method of automated trading. She uses indicators and charts to guide her trading. She is a member of Forex Investors Alliance and writes for the Signature Trade blog.

FOUNDER. Dylan is the founder of Forex Investors Alliance, a small micro lot company that promotes itself as the world’s largest solely dedicated to trading the forex market. Creator of the #signaturetrade system and the book, The Way of the Superior Trader, Dylantha believes in finding patterns, trends, and micro trends in the market so that you can trade confidently and efficiently. She trades solely in the US dollar and sells at more than two hundred and thirty-five dollars a trade. She trades her one hundred and fifty thousand shares of foreign currency every month.

WHAT DO IMMERSE IN FOREX TRADER? Dylantha gives excellent instruction on how to become a successful and profitable trader. She offers advice on how to know what you are doing in the markets and how to know what you should be doing. She wants new investors to understand the concepts of trading foreign currency, so that they can make more money and have a greater success rate in their trading. She gives a clear view of how investing can be very profitable and explains why some traders fail and others succeed.

WHY ARE FOREX TRADER ETFs THE BEST FOR EVERYONE? This book discusses why many investors choose to invest in FOREX trading. An ETF is an entity that allows you to trade in the same way as you would invest in individual securities. An example of this is a gold ETF or an equity ETF.

WHAT IS THE FOREVER TRADER ETF? This is a training product which instructs traders how to use the FOREX market to their advantage. The author has been a successful FOREX investor and has created this product to help other investors to do the same. It’s a simple trading strategy using the ETF that teaches its users how to trade using the FOREX market with only a low risk on investment. You can’t lose what you never invest and this eBook will provide you with an easy to understand strategy that you can implement with confidence and without having to outlay any money.

WHAT IS A PIP? Pip numbers represent volume and price per share on the exchange. These are essentially the same thing as pips on stock trading. Dylantha shows how to use the pip and how it is one of the keys to understanding the forex trading market. This book will also teach you how to select and use the perfect size bet.

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