New vision correction technology

Technology has reshaped the world of Vision Correction. Many new and exciting vision correction Technologies are on the market today and even more are scheduled to debut in the near future. Here is a list of the different vision correction technologies that are available today and ones that are coming out soon.

  1. iLasik

iLasik combines the technology of intralasik or bladeless LASIK surgery with wavefront mapping. Bladeless LASIK is performed entirely by a computer-guided laser as opposed to traditional Lasik, which utilizes a blade to create the corneal flaps. Wavefront mapping translates as it passes through the retina the map it creates is as distinctive as a human fingerprint and pinpoints the specific Vision errors in each person’s eye.  iLasik is a truly customized visit vision correction surgery. Wavefront mapping is also helping doctors diagnose eye disorders like AMD.

  1. Free-Form Lenses

Free-form lenses are eyeglass lenses that are created by computer-aided technology, which makes each pair customizable and unique. People that utilize free-form lenses report contrast perspective, color and night vision.

  1. Vision correction screens

New digital screen technology will alleviate the need for reading glasses at least when viewing computer, tablet, TV and cell phone screens.

  1. Night lenses

Light lenses for lenses that you wear while you sleep that are designed to reshape your cornea so that you will gradually experience an improvements to your vision.

  1. Ocumetics Bionic Lenses

Surgically implanted lenses are said to let you see three times better than 20/20 vision.

  1. Contacts infused with biosensors and Medicine there are no experimental contact lenses that have biosensors to monitor the health of patients. In addition, there are contacts that deliver medication through the lens to diabetic patients and those suffering from other eye diseases.

Now that you know some of the latest technology in the field of vision correction be sure to utilize some of these Innovations to correct your eyesight.  And find the most recent eyeglass styles and features accessories, visit is Groupon Coupons page for Eye Buy Direct.

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